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Shirin Amani Azari was born in Tehran, raised in Sweden, and currently lives in London UK. She is fluent in Swedish, Farsi, and English. Shirin Is currently working as a psychotherapist during the day, while pursuing her great passion, for writing, at the same time. 

Shirin is committed to her charitable work, in which she is a strong believer. She offers her voluntary sectors and was nominated for her community service in 2022.

Since 2000, she has been working with Victims of Torture at the Refugee Support Centre, Refugee Therapy Centre and Mapesbury Clinic in London, UK. 

In addition to this, she is also supervising the qualified therapists who work with young people, in collaboration with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services at Docklands Outreach East London. This involves liaising closely with and lecturing for the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

In December 2020 she volunteered her services to Doctors and Nurses in ITU and ICU.

Her work as a published author has been recognised in the Zoroastrian Journal ‘Chehrenameh’, ‘International Journal of Psychotherapy’, ‘The Psychotherapists’, ‘Transformations PCSR Journal’ and ‘Therapy Today. 

She is also a fictionalised memoir writer. Her first book 'Once Upon a Time in Tehran' was released by Strategic Publishing in 2010 and raised recognition amongst the Zoroastrian community (Book signing at the Zoroastrian House, London) as well as having book signings at Harrods in London and a guest appearance on Manoto TV, followed by various of other book signings across the UK and in New York, USA.

Her second book 'Once Upon a time in Uppsala' is due to be released in February 2023.


  • Accredited Psychotherapist

  • Accredited Clinical Supervisor 

  • Supervision in education  

  • Psychology in custody

  • Scientific behaviour of research methodology

  • Children in need of specific support

Achievements & Work Experiences

  • Award nominee for community service Psychotherapist/Counsellor 2022
  • Clinical Supervisor UKRC registered at Docklands Outreach; supervising the supervises working with teenagers in East London in cooperation with CAMHS
  • Award-winning Psychotherapist, specialised in PTSD, Working with victims of war and torture since May 2000. 
  • Clinical assessor BACP accredited at Frontline 19; working with doctors and nurses in ITU and ICU.
  • Signed up Author with Ms Annette Crossland ‘ONCE UPON A TIME IN TEHRAN and ‘Once upon a time in Uppsala' being released 28th February 2023.
  • Public speaker in collaboration with voluntary sectors and NHS trust. 
  • Clinical assessor BACP accredited at Frontline 19

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